Technical Expertise

SASP Consultants will act as the catalyst in shortening the distance between your vision and reality.

SASP Consultants will help you reduce paper, eliminate duplicity and integrate data real time across applications and platforms. It is our understanding that modern enterprise applications often must be deployed on multiple operating systems, utilize third-party components, and interface with existing systems.

We can design and build a wide variety of business applications.

Software System Training

We provide training during and after implementation at two levels. For senior management, giving an in depth and in-sight of how the flow of information takes place. As the software provides adequate flexibility to incorporate any changes or requirements, the senior managers may suggest any change in the system. The second is for front line staff handling daily activities of the software system.

Our Software

Software is custom made, totally dedicated to customer's requirements. This avoids tailoring of customer's requirements to suit the functioning of ready-made packages, thereby saving considerable time and money for the organization. Software can also be upgraded as and when necessary.